TOEFL/IELTS Essay Writing Examples

When I am not working here at MBA English Online I teach at a variety of places in Tokyo.  At one of the places I teach, Waseda Foreign Language College, aside from the regular conversation and grammar lessons, I also teach TOEFL lessons once a week.  During these lessons I spend a lot of time with my students practicing timed essay writing.  We choose a title from a list of TOEFL writing topics, turn on the computers, set the timer to 30 minutes, and start writing, including me.

After the time limit is up, we read over each other’s essays and offer a critical appraisal of our efforts, and in the space of just four weeks the improvement in organization, grammar and style is quite staggering.  The act of writing and reading other people’s work seems to have triggered both active and a passive language receptors in the student minds, leading to more progress than anyone of us imagined in the short time since we started doing this.

In an attempt to encourage many of my readers here at MBA English Online, you will see in the TOEFL/IELTS tag that I am sharing some of the essays that I have written during this class in the hope that they will give some ideas about organization and style.  From time-to-time I will also publish some of my students work (with their permission of course!).

I hope that these essays will give you an idea of how a native speaker would answer the questions posed by the test, in the time allowed.  All samples here are the result of 30 minutes work: none of them have been edited beyond the time limit.

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