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As discussed in the lesson, you will find below supplementary material that you can study in your free time.  This page will not come down, so do feel free to refer back to the material here as often as you need to.

The first thing here is a downloadable self assessment sheet.  This is personal, for your eyes only, and is designed to help you see what areas you need to work on.   At a later date, for example in six months time, I would recommend taking the assessment again to see what changes and improvements you have made.

Download self assessment form: Communication Effectiveness test one


Lesson One: Building Business Relationships

Business Communication Basics

As we discussed in the lesson, we need to be sure to build rapport with whoever we are talking with, first by using “we/our/us” which promote collaboration, rather than “you/I” which tend to promote a more adversarial  relationship.  And the trouble with an adversarial relationship is that there is always a loser…!

To further build rapport there are other words that are essential to the end goal of building trust, listed below:

Words that promote Collaboration and joint owner ship

Words that promote an exchange of value:

Download this word list here:Words to use


The following interactive games/exercises have been compiled to practice the vocabulary in the tables above, by way of synonym matching, sentence gap fill exercises and finally a crossword.    Book mark this page (keep the password safe!) and return when you have some spare time to study.

Above all, have fun!!  :-)

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